CarJoy Makes Riders Happy

Happier riders are more likely to leave you a tip.
Plus, CarJoy gives drivers bonuses too.

Driver Bonuses

CarJoy rewards drivers too. Drivers can earn bonuses and rewards for simply giving CarJoy a try, as well as for actively helping riders (as well as other drivers) use and engage with CarJoy.

Onboarding Bonus

$10 Gas Card

Get a FREE pre-paid $10 gas card after successfully applying to CarJoy, putting the low-profile plastic signs in your car, and the first 10 (ten) valid rider scans are completed. It's quick and easy to get started today by filling out the Application Form below.

Performance Awards

$20 Gas Cards
$100-$500 Gift Cards

Monthly milestone: Win a $20 gas Card for 200 or more valid rider scans in any single month. Success milestone: Win a $500 gift card, a $250 gift card, or a $100 gift card if you are one of the top three Drivers within a metro region in a given month.

Referral Bonuses

$25 Gas Cards

Refer other drivers to CarJoy. For every 3 new drivers you refer who hit their onboarding milestone, you will receive a prepaid $25 gas card. There is no limit to how many new drivers you can refer (they just need to use your code when they apply).

How It Works

CarJoy provides drivers with small plastic signs to put in their TNC vehicle. The signs have special barcodes (called "QR codes") on them. Riders use their smartphones to interact with these, bringing them to the CarJoy experience on their phone. There they can win free prizes, find great deals, and engage with fun and entertaining content.

Easy to Use

Low-profile plastic signs ("placards") are easy to install, no maintenance, and easy for riders to see and use.

For All Riders

Conveniently located for all riders, whether in the front or back seats. Easy for everyone to see and to scan.

Everybody Wins

Riders play and win daily. Happy riders are more likely to tip drivers. Plus, CarJoy gives drivers bonuses.


These Drivers Love CarJoy

Other drivers just like you have put CarJoy in their vehicles and are seeing happy riders every day. Here's what a few of them have to say:

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